Monday, April 19, 2010

My Yesterday.

So this stick kinda captures my yesterday. I have a dear friend, "C", who just had a baby a couple of weeks ago. Actually, a couple of weeks ago tomorrow. Her little boy is a very, very fresh baby.

Anyway, yesterday C got sick and had to go to the doctor. She and her hubby didn't expect to be gone too long, and I gladly volunteered to watch their sweet little man. As it turned out, though, the docs at the hospital wanted to do a lot of tests, especially since C had given birth so recently. So a couple of hours turned into six. Six hours of me and a twelve-day-old infant. Wowza.

It didn't go too badly...and truthfully, it went pretty well. But there were some moments of "Ohmygoodness. I can't handle this. Why's he crying? What's wrong? Did I put his diaper on right? Why's his outfit wet? (Pee.) Did he burp? Where do I put the Desitin, exactly?" I'm fairly sure I covered my panic on the outside, but this stick pretty much sums up my afternoon and evening.


  1. Ginny you are amazing, I'm sure you did totally fine :) You just think too much.
    AND your stick figures are adorable!

  2. Gin, I think that pretty accurately captures EVERY mom's panic.

    And I absolutely think you should start your business. And when you've got the business-y stuff all figured out, tell me how to do it because I _totally_ want to start a kids clothing line with shirts that say things like "learning to obey" and "learning to be respectful" instead of the currently common "diva," "brat," and "princess" but don't know how to start.

  3. I'm sure you did better than your mother, who had diapered only one child before your brother was born, and that diaper fell off! No wonder he had colic for three months!!! You have much more experience than I did! (And I love your stick figures.) Mom

  4. You make me chuckle - I know you did fine with the sweet little one. Hey, I think I have a copy of the t-shirt you did. You wanna post it??

  5. Mum, I'd love a copy if you have it! That'd be cool. :)